Чем майнить ethereum bitcoin alternative

Many ethereum traders lost large sums of money. The cryptocurrency later rebounded.

Adam White, the vice president of GDAX which is run by U. As the price continued to fall, another stop loss orders and margin funding ehhereum caused ethereum to trade as low as 10 cents. A stop loss order is a trade that is executed automatically once a,ternative security — in this case ethereum — hits a particular price. Margin funding is essentially trading with borrowed funds.

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Liquidation is when these positions are closed automatically in order to prevent further losses. The knock-on selling effect caused the flash crash on GDAX.

Чем майнить ethereum bitcoin alternative

The chart below is a screenshot of the GDAX price showing ыем high and low price. GDAX Many on social media criticized GDAX and alleged there was some sort of illegal activity taking place.

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We understand this event can be frustrating ethereu our customers. Our matching engine operated as intended throughout this event and trading with advanced features like margin always carries inherent risk," White said in чем майнить ethereum bitcoin alternative blog post.

Чем майнить ethereum bitcoin alternative

The exchange temporarily halted trading of ethereum on Wednesday before restoring the чек shortly after. As well as the issues on GDAX, investor demand at the funding launch for an ethereum-based messaging app called Status clogged the ethereum network, an industry bictoin told CNBC. Ethereum traders were outraged by the crash blaming GDAX for not having proper controls, and even accusing чрм put the sell order in of market manipulation.

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TWEET And it was a painful experience for many. But it also seemed to be a large money making event for some too.

On the trading forum StockTwits, user John DeMasie posted a screenshot of trade history around the time of the flash crash. It showed one person had an order in for just over 3, ethereum if the price fell to 10 cents on the GDAX exchange.

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CNBC has been unable to verify the screenshot posted by DeMasie. Cryptocurrency excitement The ethereum crash comes amid rising interest in the broader cryptocurrency space.

Чем майнить ethereum bitcoin alternative

Both bitcoin and ethereum have hit record highs recently, and have both seen pullbacks. Ethereum in particular has been talked up because of the blockchain technology that underpins it.

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Whereas bitcoin and its blockchain is seen as a payment network, ethereum has been designed to support so-called smart contract applications. A smart contract is a computer program that can automatically execute the terms of a contract when certain conditions are met. The ethereum blockchain has also got backing from a number of large firms such as Microsoftwhich has helped to drive the price higher.

Ethereum is up around чем майнить ethereum bitcoin alternative, percent year-to-date, based sthereum the price it was trading at on Thursday morning, according to Coinmarketcap.


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