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Search Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Where can I get the DASH and QuickDASH Outcome Measures and how much does it cost? The DASH and QuickDASH Outcome Measures are available free of charge provided they are not sold or incorporated into a product that is sold. The DASH and QuickDASH can be downloaded from the DASH website at www.

The conditions for use of the DASH are that: Is it okay to administer the DASH or QuickDASH over the telephone? Comparability of scores of the paper and pencil format with майнитть administration has not yet been formally tested. Why are the DASH and QuickDASH scaled so that "0" indicates good status and "" indicates poor status? The DASH and QuickDASH were designed to be disability questionnaires. As such, scaling was ranked from 0 indicating least disability to indicating most disability. Other instruments may be designed to measure functional status or health in which case they might wish to have a high level of health described by a higher number When using a questioonnaire, you should always как сообщается здесь aware of the direction of the scales.

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What if respondents are concerned about who will see their information and how it will be used? Confidentiality is a very подробнее на этой странице issue. An explanation of how the information will be used should be provided before respondents complete the DASH or QuickDASH. In research settings, responses might be kept only for use in a particular study.

Usually, the use of patient information is explained in a consent form for the study. In this situation, reassure respondents that their как майнить dash questionnaire thesis will remain strictly confidential and explain that strategies are in place to ensure this. What do you do if a respondent finds an item in the DASH or Кае offensive or too personal? We recommend that you tell the respondent to leave the item blank if it is offensive.

We have had the greatest problem with the Sexual Activities question.

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We see it in missing values. However, patients told us that we needed to include it because it is an important part of their lives that is impacted by their upper-limb pain. We are therefore keeping it in for now. Other times it serves to open a door for the patient to talk about this aspect of the impact of the disorder with their health-care provider. When scoring, the items that are left blank are simply treated as missed items and counted in the number allowed to be missed in the scoring process.

The DASH and QuickDASH evaluate upper-limb disability and symptoms. The intent of the DASH and QuickDASH is to determine how much difficulty a patient has when doing an activity, regardless of how it is done. The DASH and QuickDASH are designed to measure the capacity to do things, because we recognize that each individual may not have performed the actual activity during the past week.

Ask respondents to rate their ability to do the task. What if respondents use an assistive device such as a splint or a reacher to do a specific task? Granted, persons with upper-limb disorders often use assistive devices, such as splints or specialized equipment, to improve their ability to perform activities.

Respondents are therefore asked to rate their ability using the assistive device if that is their usual practice at the time. However, this approach does not allow them to rate their ability when the assistance of another person is involved.

The use of как майнить dash questionnaire thesis thesis is arguably more a reflection of the environment than of the autonomy of the person with the disability. In this situation, respondents are asked to rate their own ability rather than their assisted ability. What if respondents ask for their results or for an interpretation of their results? Often these item scores are useful in goal setting. Over time the score may change, reflecting a change in the responses to some of the items.

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These маййнить be examined to see which items have shown improvement. The minimum clinically important difference MCID is considered the smallest change or difference in an outcome measure that is perceived to be important Wells There are different methods Wells and viewpoints patient, clinicians that may be used to determine the MCID.

We have found considerable variability due to the effect of the method used, of the time window, and of whether the change was important or not with DASH MCID values ranging from 3.

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These are important differences, and this variability is кае is questionnaige in many other tools as well but never tested. Our work has shown us that there is reason to be skeptical about hard and fast claims of a single MCID value. However, when we worked through all the findings, we thedis that a change in DASH score exceeding 15 points is the most accurate change score for discriminating between improved and unimproved patients Beaton a; b.

The MDC can be computed at varying confidence levels. It is the minimum change score that must be observed before a clinician can be confident that a change in patient status has thssis rather than measurement error Beaton c. An individual-level change below the MDC is difficult to interpret because it could just be the day-to-day variability in the score rather than an important change. Since some MCID work is placing the MCID at approximately the same value as the MDC95, it is reasonable to consider the MDC95 as an interim proxy for the MCID.

MDC95 was calculated for the DASH across six different study populations and ranged from 8 to 17 DASH points with a mean of For the QuickDASH, we have approached the clinically important change question in the same manner. To date, only one study has looked at the MCID of the QuickDASH and reported that a change exceeding 8 points is the most accurate change score for discriminating between improved and stable patients Mintken Since this study is placing the MCID at a value lower than the MDC95, it is reasonable to consider the MDC95 as an interim proxy for the MCID.

MDC95 was calculated for the QuickDASH across three different study populations and ranged from 16 to 20 QuickDASH points with a mean of One common approach for assessing magnitude of change is using minimal clinically important difference MCID or the minimal detectable change MDC. For more information about MCID and MDC, see the above Frequently Asked Question: This approach focuses on the interpretation of change scores.

A bigger change score means you are better! However, how often do our patients tell us that they are как when they can do X — be it use a certain tool, open jars or hold their children? These are final states. Some researchers have introduced the concept of reaching a threshold for a successful endpoint or final state.

If the final score увидеть больше examined for its interpretability, we would suggest using anything less than For more information about the DASH normative data, see the above Frequently Asked Question: Are there normative values for the DASH?

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Work by Jacobsonhowever, reminds us that we need two conditions to declare that a person has responded to treatment. First, we need to induce a change — or in other words see that our treatment has caused a change. The good place could be within normal values, or for example, no longer in the range questionnaige scores expected for people who are depressed. We believe this is what clinicians are doing when they are looking at the graphs over time.

Clinicians can see change, and we can tell them when change is greater than the MDC by the shaded bars in the figure. Also, they can see how close the person is to normal values. Hhesis addition, they are able to get a sense of how fast someone reaches their goals. Here, clinical intuition meets measurement sciences. Comparisons between the combined approaches and the MCID show that the combined approach is less sensitive to subtle change, as expected, and more specific in its ability to pick up true improvement Beatonin press.

Normative data for the DASH Outcome Measure have been collected in a large general population survey conducted by the AAOS. The results have been published by Hunsaker Hunsaker reported that the general population would score Are there cut points or benchmarks to categorize DASH and QuickDASH scores as indicating mild, moderate and severe levels of disability?

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At present there are no divisions to categorize scores as excellent, good or fair or mild, moderate or severe disability. Other benchmarks and means of interpretation are available. Are there age limitations for using the DASH and QuickDASH?

Как майнить dash questionnaire thesis

The DASH and QuickDASH were developed to assess uper extremity disabilities in adults. While there is no set age limit, general giudelines are 18 to 65 years of age. Is it better to use the DASH or the QuickDASH?

Как майнить dash questionnaire thesis

However, because the full DASH Outcome Measure provides greater precision, it may be the best choice for clinicians who wish to monitor arm pain and function in individual patients. By unofficial, we mean they may have created their own shortened form and called it the DASH Weiglmodified DASH Colovic or modified QuickDASH-9 Gabel Other unofficial versions may have как майнить dash questionnaire thesis adaptations to the scoring of the DASH. One version has made changes to the response options from a 5-point scale to a visual analogue scale Matheson A version of the Swedish translation of the DASH reported an adaptation to scoring by creating two subscale scores, DASH activity items and DASH symptoms 9-items Sandqvist Similarly, a version of the German translation of the DASH have also reported an adaptation to scoring by creating two subscales, functional activities and symptoms Germann ; Jester We work on an honour system and provide the DASH free of charge.

Colovic H, Stankovic I, Dimitrijevic L, Zivkovic V, Nikolic D. The как майнить dash questionnaire thesis of modified DASH questionnaire for evaluation of elbow function after supracondylar fractures in children. Vojnosanitetski Pregled ; 65 1: Gabel CP, Burkett B, Yelland M, Melloh M. A modified QuickDASH-9 provides a valid outcome instrument for upper limb function.

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders ; Standardisation and validation of the German version 2. Der Unfallchirurg ; 1: Jester A, Harth A, Wind G.


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